Why My Laptop Is Very Slow And Hanging What To Do : How To Speed Up Laptop Windows 10, 11

       Everyone needs a laptop these days Because, it was used for office work as well as study and entertainment. Overuse of your laptop naturally leads to the problem of My laptop is very slow and hanging, which directly affects work and other users too. Due to the increase in work from home jobs after the lockdown, laptops can now be seen in every home. Few users take proper care of their laptops. So, some people get bored or don’t have time for it.

       If you also use your laptop a lot for work or any other work and because of that your laptop is also facing the problem of slow running, hangs while turning off then no need to worry today we are going to give you some tips on the problem of My laptop is very slow and hanging and We are going to tell you the tricks, we are sure these tips and tricks will increase the speed of your laptop by hundred percent. So let’s see some tips and tricks with the help of which you can increase the speed of your laptop.

Laptop should always be kept updated To Speed up laptop? : My Laptop Is Very Slow And Hanging

       One of the main reasons why any laptop becomes slow can be due to not updating the laptop on time. If you have not updated your laptop for a long time, then you should update it immediately which will help your laptop speed up.

Disk cleanup is necessary to speed up laptop : why my laptop is slow windows 10

       If you want to extract a file from your laptop, select it and single click on OK. Then go to system files cleanup option and select the file you don’t want and remove that file from the system. You can also take the help of a paid or free software for this task.

Removing unnecessary software from the laptop will increase the speed of the laptop

       Many times users download some software which they don’t like to work from time to time or sometimes it happens that users download software but forget to delete the software after the software is working, in such a situation, the software takes up more space due to the large size of the software. Takes, which results in your Windows operating system i.e. slow loading and your laptop is very slow and hanging. Therefore, it is advisable to remove unnecessary software that you do not need as soon as it is done. Effectively your laptop will work faster as before.

When Use more RAM in a laptop the speed up laptop : how to increase the speed of laptop windows 10

       It is a great option to increase the speed of any computer or laptop. So you can use more RAM to increase the speed of your computer or laptop. Adding more RAM will reduce the load on the system and make the laptop work faster. This will reduce the problems like slow down and hang of the laptop and also you can buy Antivirus from some companies to protect the laptop from viruses so that the virus will not enter the laptop.

Along with the hard disk, do other parts of the laptop need to be taken care of?

       You can also do this work at home without visiting the service center of the laptop company. It requires a cleaning kit which is available in the market. The cleaning kit also comes with a brush, air blower and microfiber cloth. With their help, we can easily clean the dust accumulated on the laptop. Along with that, other gadgets around the laptop such as speaker, keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner should also not be cleaned, the dust on the laptop comes on the laptop, so then the air inlet and outlet in the laptop starts getting clogged and then the laptop starts heating up and the laptop starts running slow.

Startup Program Limited is usable to speed up laptop : How to fix lagging laptop windows 11

       A laptop’s startup program consumes a lot of resources and if other programs including Windows are also using the laptop’s resources, your system is likely to slow down. If How To Speed Up Laptop you want to reduce the number of startup programs or resources in your laptop, there are some simple steps to follow. Delete files and folders from your laptop that are not used daily and then delete those files from the recycle bin as well. By doing this, the laptop will start working faster than before and the slow speed will not hinder your work as it used to.

Not checking the virus in the laptop can cause the laptop to slow down : Why is my laptop so slow How To Speed Up Laptop

       Not scanning for viruses is one of the major reasons for laptop is very slow and hanging. Different tasks are performed on laptops these days. So when it comes to browsing the internet a lot, your laptop is most likely to come in contact with virus, which slows down your laptop. To stay away from these problems, you need to check your laptop for spyware as well as viruses from time to time.

To keep your laptop more secure you can run anti-virus scanning, which will make sure that your laptop has virus or not. If this is not done, the virus can cause many other damages such as laptop is very slow and hanging, file deletion, strange ads appearing, laptop hanging, and important data corruption. Due to this, anti-virus is considered to be a very effective option to get rid of viruses.

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